Latet (To Give) - was established in order to reduce poverty, for a better and just society, by providing assistance to needy populations, mobilizing Israeli civil society towards mutual responsibility, and leading change in the national priorities.
Latet is the largest NGO combating poverty and food insecurity in Israel. Acting as an umbrella organization for 180 local associations, Latet operates the leading national food bank and runs impactful aid programs, providing monthly assistance to 60,000 families and 1,000 Holocaust survivors.

Staff Latet

Tzahi Langer VP Marketing and Development

Eran Weintrob Executive Director

Einat Geva VP Latet Programs Management

Amit Matityahu Financial Manager

Roni Abiri Director of Development Department IL

Zohar Baneth Mktg Projects and Collab Coordinator

Yarden Oz Mktg Communications Manager

Ella Drory Director of Intl Development Department

Roey Barnea Call Center Manager

Tzahi Langer VP Marketing and Development
Eran Weintrob Executive Director
Einat Geva VP Latet Programs Management
Amit Matityahu Financial Manager
Roni Abiri Director of Development Department IL
Zohar Baneth Mktg Projects and Collab Coordinator
Yarden Oz Mktg Communications Manager
Ella Drory Director of Intl Development Department
Roey Barnea Call Center Manager

Our Board

The board of directors is made up of the founders of the organization and key figures of Israel's public and private sectors. The members of the board volunteer their time to establish the strategy and policies of the organization.

Mr. Gilles Darmon

President & Founder of Latet
CEO – Lavi Capital

  • Nissim Bar-El

    Chairman for To Give a Future

  • Tsofia Cohen

    Operations and Administration

  • Prof. Rafael Walden

    Assistant Deputy Director,
    Sheba Medical Center

    at Tel Hashomer
  • Liad Cohen

    CEO - Galam

  • Yossi Atoun

    CEO - Flying Cargo

  • Yarom Ariav

    Chair – Lavi Capital

  • David Baruch

    Entrepreneur, Company Director

  • Itzik Saig

    Board member of companies

    Former CEO of Osem after fulfilling different management positions within the company for 28 years.
    Member of Latet's Board since 2019 after being part of Latet family for more than 10 years.
    "To Give (= "Latet" in Hebrew) is only receiving back"
  • Zvika Bar-Nathan

    Partner & Head of Litigation
    Goldfarb Seligman

Values, Relative Advantages, and Differentiation

Independent organization
Non-governmental, non-political, non-partisan, non-profit

Equality and Universality
Equivalent aid is given in all areas of the country and to all sectors, regardless of religion, race, gender, culture or nationality

Adherence to Proper Management Guidelines
The organization holds an Association Proper Management Certificate from the Registrar of Associations, which is recognized as a public association, meaning that Latet has passed all intensive audits of the Registry of Associations and for more than a decade has been audited by the E&Y - Kost Forer Gabbay & Kasierer accounting firm

Reliability and Financial Transparency
Strict adherence to full transparency.  All financial reports including salary data and all organizational data are published on our website and are open to all

Low Overhead
Adherence to low overhead of 6% overall

Reporting, Control and Inspection
Reporting on the use of donated funds, operation of a control and inspection system, full management of donations and recipients needing aid on the basis of E.R.P.-Priority system
Wide Public Support
93% of the organization’s budget is based primarily on donations from the Israeli public.  Aided brand awareness is measured at 98%, while spontaneous awareness is measured at 52%, making Latet one of the most well-known organizations in Israel.  Since the establishment of the organization, some two million Israelis have donated food and commodities, and more than 100,000 volunteers have participated in activities.

27,000 wonderful volunteers give 477,000 hours annually and serve as one of the cornerstones of Latet
Effectiveness, Influence and Change
The organization strives towards professionalism, develops sustainable models in wide circles of influence within Israeli society, and utilizes measures of effectiveness

Operational Efficiency
Thanks to creative thinking, pooling of resources, and an effective model of action, the organization is successful in leveraging investment in the initiative for nutritional security and distributes food equal in value of nine times the amount invested in logistical infrastructure.

Latet's milestones

  • 2018
    19,100 volunteers joined Latet's various projects and activities, providing 452,000 hours of voluntary service.

    Trucks purchase to optimize the distribution process.
  • 2017
    $30 million worth of food was distributed in 2017. 80% of it was rescued food - this is the result of long-lasting partnerships with food companies, the Shufersal supermarket chain and the Manufacturers Association of Israel.

    New and bigger logistic center opened in Har Tuv (Beit Shemesh industrial zone) to increase and optimize the distribution process.
  • 2016
    For the first time, Latet started a food rescue pilot project with the leading Israeli supermarket chain, Shufersal.

    Fundraiser in memory of Alon Bakal z"l, a Latet volunteer who was killed during the Tel-Aviv shooting in January. Bracelet with Alon's quotes were sold with the goal to provide families in need with Passover Holiday meals.
  • 2015
    "To Give a Future" became part of the Latet organization.

    Latet held an innovative conference aimed at bringing policy change - "The Poverty Conference".
  • 2014
    Latet in the South: providing aid to impoverished families in the southern region following Operation "Protective Edge."
  • 2013
    10,000 tons of food worth ₪45,000,000 distributed by 150 charities to 60,000 families; the "I am for you" program develops into a youth organization and becomes "Latet Youth"; establishment of "A City Without Hunger" program, which is an urban, innovative and sustainable model to solve nutritional insecurity.
  • 2012
    Approximately 2 million Israelis have been involved in Latet’s work since its creation
    through: donations of food and money, volunteering and being active.
  • 2011
    Latet won the national tender to run and implement a national program for nutritional insecurity with government funding. However, the government did not uphold their commitment, therefore Latet held a public campaign for the government to acknowledge their
  • 2010
    Achieving 1,000,000 accumulated volunteering hours in the Late programs;
    Emergency humanitarian aid distributed in Haiti following the earthquake.
  • 2009
    Establishment of the "To Give a Future" program which provides women living on the edge of poverty with business initiative to achieve financial independence through small business development; launch of the first mass Latet virtual recruiting campaign: Virtual festival table – "Give 200,000 festive meals".
  • 2008
    Awarded the "President's Volunteer Prize"; important cooperation agreements with the food industry and the construction of an infrastructure for the nutritional security initiative; emergency aid in Myanmar following the cyclone and Emergency aid in Israel following "Operation Cast Lead."
  • 2007
    Establishment of the "Aid for Life" program for impoverished Holocaust survivors in Israel; a petition to the High Court of Justice in order to compel the State to take responsibility for the nutritional security of its citizens; launch of "One Million People Starving in Silence:" the first guerrilla campaign, with thousands of cardboard figures in silent assemblies, presented in Rabin Square.
  • 2006
    Distribution of food in shelters during the Second Lebanon War; launch of the
    "Backpacking and Donating" project in Cambodia.
  • 2005
    Providing emergency humanitarian assistance to Sri Lanka following the tsunami
  • 2004
    A special pre-Rosh Hashanah donation broadcast on Channel 2.
  • 2003
    Publication of the Alternative Poverty Report; the national food collection campaign in the food chains with thousands of volunteers, the launching of the "Backpacking and Donating" project in Nepal enlisting Israeli tourists to volunteer abroad.
  • 2002
    The launching of Latet’s Educational Program "I am for you," which in the future becomes "Latet Youth."
  • 2001
    The first National Food Charities Convention.
  • 2000
    Publication of the Alternative Poverty Report; launch of the national food drive campaign in the food chains with thousands of volunteers; launch of the "Backpacking and Donating" project in Nepal, which enlists Israeli tourists to volunteer abroad
  • 1999
    Providing emergency humanitarian aid to India following the earthquake and to Rwanda following the civil war
  • 1998
    The first food drive campaign and establishment of Latet's "food bank," which distributes food to various organizations, making Latet an umbrella organization.
  • 1997
    Latet's first emergency aid delegation to Kosovo following the civil war disaster.
  • 1996
    Gilles Darmon immigrated from France and then went on to form Latet Organization, which first began as a local branch of the French humanitarian organization Equilibre.
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