Israel Electric Corporation חברת החשמל

Jafora יפאורה


University scholarship program from Friends of the Israeli Defence Forces (FIDF), founded in 2002, in order to honor the fighters on their military service and contribution of dedication to protection and security of the state .
The scholarships are awarded to soldiers who have completed their service in the IDF combat units (fighters and combat support) from families with financial troubles .
The scholarship is $4,000 ִfor each year of study, each grantee funded by an individual donor, who accompanies him throughout his undergraduate studies.
Students who receive the scholorship volunteer in the community (130 hours per year), as part of "IMPACT! Community", for one of 19 partners in various volunteer organizations in the country. Scholars have carried out since the beginning of the program IMPACT!, more than 3 million hours for the community, a total value of 90 million NIS.
In the academic year 2014-15, the 13th year of operation of the program, the scholarship is awarded to about 3,300 students who study
at about 90 educational institutions throughout the country.
So far, the program has granted scholarships to about 8,300 soldiers, totaling $107 million.

For the last 10 years the scholarship program IMPACT! has been working with LATET.
Scholarship recipients volunteer mainly in 3 parts of LATET:
Collecting and distributing food to the needy
Support to needy Holocaust survivors 
Training youth groups -
in recent years LATET has become the organization with the largest number of IMPACT! volunteers.
▪ A variety of activities allows the volunteer to choose what is right for them, and we are proud of helping thousands of families in Israel by giving.
Scholarship Recipients many choose to continue their volunteer work after completing their studies, and for us this great success.

“We are so appreciative and proud of our work with LATET in providing for the community. The volunteer activities of IMPACT scholarship students is bas”

Orna Pesach

Program Director of IMPACT Scholarship




The Jerusalem Post

bituach yashir




Mako is an Israeli news and entertainment portal owned and operated by Keshet which offers video on demand content from Keshet shows, Channel 2 news programs, Bip (Comedy Channel) and Music 24 (Israeli Music Channel). In addition, it hosts user-created content in Haambatia, and provides written content covering news, entertainment, sports, music, TV, food, comedy, "Home & Family", "Digital", "Spirit" and "Women and Men".

Altshuler Shaham

At Altshuler Shaham, through their social involvement, we can see an integral part of the company and the fundamental values that guide it.  According to the worldviews of the company owners, business organizations in Israel have a moral responsibility not just for the way they conduct business but also for the social situation in Israel and in the community in which they operate. 
We are committed to social, educational and environmental responsibility, and in cooperation with all our employees, we will work together to provide us and all our children with a better present and future. Through a variety of educational activities, we will assist under-served populations. 
We believe that if we find new and innovative ways to address the needs and create social change, we will continue to succeed. 



Huzot Zahav


FedEx uses air, ground and sea networks to connect more than 220 countries and territories, linking more than 99% of the world’s GDP. Their diverse portfolio of transportation, e-commerce, and business solutions stand out, which is why they are consistently ranked among the world’s most admired brands and employers. FedEx believes it is their responsibility to deliver resources that improve the lives of their clients, as well as delivering their packages! That’s why FedEx is investing $200 million in more than 200 global communities by 2020 to create opportunities and deliver positive change around the world, Latet has been lucky enough to be part of this.

Time Out




Maslavi Construction Company

Matzlawi Construction Company Ltd., was incorporated in 1977, by Sami and Clara Matzlawi. Matzlawi's operations are focused on in-demand areas in Israel's heartland, for the mid/hi-end sector of the market. From its early days, the Company has put its mark deeply on Israel's real estate and construction market. The Company specializes in the gentrification (clearing and reconstruction) field and today is Israel's first company that has completed many significant projects in the field. Matzlawi employs some of Israel's best architects and engineers and has the most experienced operational teams in all fields of real estate. 

Yaron Pitkovski


Young Judaea Israel

Young Judaea is America’s oldest Zionist youth movement, turning Jewish youth of diverse backgrounds and orientations into engaged leaders and inspired activists with a life-long commitment to Israel. Through immersive informal and experiential education, Young Judaea fosters a sense of value and love for Jewish tradition and ritual and pride in the Jewish people, Israel and being Jewish. They run summer camp as well as year round experiences in Israel and America which provide an open environment for youth to learn.


Fondation du Judaïsme Français

The Fondation du Judaïsme Français is an official recognized non profit organisation, involved in various philantropic activites. Its main objectives are to support social initiatives, respond to current issues, and provide moral and material support to services and institutions in France and abroad in the humanitarian, educational, scientific, cultural and artistic fields.

Wissotzky Tea


Elbit systems


Globrands Ltd. offers importation, sales, distribution, logistics and marketing services. The company specializes in the operations such as advertising, trade and consumer promotions. They were founded in 2000 by a senior management team that specialized in marketing and sales which is what has made them so successful today. The founding team decided to create a unique distribution setup that meets the exacting needs of multinational corporations in the tobacco and food industries. Today Globrands represents a variety of international corporations such as: 
JTI - Japan Tobacco International, BAT - British American Tobacco, Wrigly, Unilever and they are one of the leading distribution companies in Israel.


Walla Shops

Walla Shops is a service used to purchase goods online. The site offers 28 trading categories, from electronics, to fashion, footwear, and furniture. They were founded in 1999 and since then they have had huge success as shown by their expansion; in 2003 they established Walla Tours, a travel company, and in 2006 Walla Buy was created, a trade arena. Finally, they established Voila! Print, a service that allows you to design photo albums without downloading software.


Migdal was established in 1904 and is the leading insurance and finances group in Israel.  They have 2 million private and corporate clients and equity attributed to company shareholders is NIS 4.7 billion, showing how successful they are. Migdal’s investment department has an innovative trading room as well as a credit division, real estate and real investments; showing how they flourish in whatever they choose. 

Walla News

Nadav Foundation

The Nadav Foundation was established in 2003 by Leonid Nevzlin and his partners, V. Dubov and M. Brudno. They support initiatives which advance an understanding of Jewish Peoplehood, enhance the Jewish collective identity and create lasting connections among Jews throughout the world. The Nadav Foundation believe that Jewish Peoplehood can be actively cultivated through long term educational programs and enlightening experiences, especially among the young generation. 

Mitzva Foundation


The Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles


HaBenleumi הבינלאומי

Jewish Federation of Greater Metrowest NJ

Jewish Federation of Greater MetroWest is the largest Jewish philanthropy in New Jersey and the eighth largest Federation in the country, serving the Jewish community in Essex, Morris, Sussex, Union, and parts of Somerset counties. Inspired by our Jewish values, Federation cares for people in need locally, in Israel, and in 70 countries around the world. Together, Federation builds upon and ensures a vibrant Jewish community today for future generations. We care. We build. We save.


Shufersal, established in 1958, is Israel’s largest retail chain, operating 248 stores nationwide, covering a total area of 540,997 square meters, and employing approximately 12,400 employees. Annual  revenues in 2010 reached NIS 11.13 billion

Golan Heights Winery


 Mazon is an American non-profit which was set up 30 years ago to combat poverty and hunger in the United States and in Israel. They recognize the importance of responding to hungry peoples’ immediate need for nutrition and sustenance while also working to advance long-term solutions. This is executed through three strategies; education & advocacy, partnership grant-making and strategic initiatives.



Gurevitz גורביץ

Central company החברה המרכזית

The Haverah Hamerkazit (or Central Company) is the leading product service provider for beverages in Israel. From sodas to soft drinks, juices to beer, the Central Company distributes products such as Coca Cola, Fanta, Tuborg Prigat, Ocean Spray and more! Beginning in 2005, the group also operates in the dairy products market.

Mizrachi- Tefachot

Discount Bank

Seed The Dream Foundation

Golf Group

Union Bank of Israel


zap group

 Zap Group is the Israel's leading Digital Consumer media Group in Israel.
The group operates more than 20 Digital brands in various categories, offering the consumer a comfortable and advanced search experience, while relying heavily on tools such as: comprehensive business listings, consumer reviews, consumer grading, price lists, forums etc. , Thus enabling the consumer to make optimal decisions, without the need for prior knowledge or expertise.
Over 350,000 consumer opinion about businesses and service providers, can be found in Zap Group websites.

“ Being an integral part of the Israeli society, Zap group, a service provider for a broad spectrum of consumers in Israel. Is well aware of social gap”

Sigal Sharoni

Zap Group CEO

Melisron Real Estate מליסרון

The Jack Chester Foundation

Ruach Tova (“Good Spirit” in Hebrew)

Ruach Tova (“Good Spirit” in Hebrew) is the leading organization in the field of volunteering in Israel, specializing in matching volunteers with organizations. Good Deeds Day , an international day of Doing Good, is our largest project. 

“We believe that each of us has the immense power and the will to share our inner good with others. If each person takes it upon himself to improve the quality of his own life and surroundings according to his own passion and ability, we can all be a part of a better society. ”

Sharon Tal

General Director


Jewish Community Foundation Los Angeles


The Azrieli Foundation

The Azrieli Foundation was established in 1989 to realize and extend the philanthropic goals of the late David J. Azrieli, C.M., C.Q., M.Arch. The Foundation funds scientific research, higher education, youth empowerment, the arts holocaust education and quality of life initiatives for people with developmental disabilities. Through this, they strive to empower individuals and facilitate innovative research, particularly focusing on the Jewish future both in Israel and in the diaspora. 

Publicis Media



Tnuva was established in 1926, when the moshavim and kibbutzim decided to coordinate and unify all stages of processing, producing and distributing fresh agricultural produce.

At first, Tnuva distributed only fresh milk for drinking and later on also dairy products . In the early 1930s, as it became more established, Tnuva began marketing additional fresh farm produce: eggs, poultry, vegetables and fruits.

Tnuva developed parallel to the development of the Jewish community in the country, and following the establishment of the State of Israel played an important role in the growth of Israel’s economy.

Hundreds of refrigerated trucks transporting fresh produce, bearing the Tnuva logo, made sure that every city, town and village across the country were reached every day, throughout the year. Over the years, Tnuva became an inseparable part of the day-to-day life of every child, family and household in Israel. In the ’50s and ’60s the concept of “Tnuva children” became popularized as an expression symbolizing healthy children enjoying sound, natural and tasty nourishment.

Yossi Avrahami

Yossi Avrahami Civil Engineering works Ltd. is a leading real estate company in Israel that take great pride in development, planning and construction of over 1,500 residential units and hundreds of infrastructure and development projects. Founded over 30 years ago, the company has focused on residential construction projects in Tel Aviv and also in southern Israel, specifically in Eilat.




Citi, the leading global bank, has approximately 200 million customer accounts and does business in more than 160 countries and jurisdictions. Citi Bank has vast resources and a support network from of one of the world’s largest international banks. They provide consumers, corporations, governments and institutions with a broad range of financial products and services. 

The UJA Federation New York

UJA works to care for people in need, by responding to crises locally in New York and also in Israel. For 100 years they have been at the forefront of responding to major events. When emergency or disaster take place they move quickly and effectively to help those in need. On top of that, they help fund a network of nearly 100 non-profits, including social service agencies, Jewish Community Centres, summer camps and Hillels to bring vital services to the people counting on them.

Round-Up Israel עיגול לטובה

Round-Up Israel (Igul Letova) is a non-profit organization providing an innovative platform enabling every person to engage in effective philanthropic activity on a regular basis by enabling them to Round-Up credit card transactions to the nearest shekel and donate the extra agurot to a charity of their choice.

Sport 5

Delek Group

International Fellowship


HESEG -Foundation for Former Lone Soldiers

HESEG Foundation is a scholarship fund, which was established in 2005 by the Canadian couple, Gerry Schwartz and Heather Reisman, and provides yearly scholarships and living expenses for discharged IDF Soldiers whom were recognized as "lone soldiers" during their service.
The scholarship and the financial aid are intended to encourage them to build a home in Israel and to thank them for their contribution to Israeli society.
The Foundation instituted the "HESEG House" - a warm home for the scholars, located at 46 Rothschild Boulevard in Tel Aviv. The house offers a variety of activities for the welfare of the scholars and alumni of the Foundation (rich library, gym, movie theater, etc.) In addition, there are workshops and lectures for scholars and alumni in a variety of topics.
As of today, there are hundreds of Scholarship Recipients enrolled in academic institutions all over the country and about a thousand alumni, who have completed their undergraduate studies, with the help of HESEG Foundation.
In return for the scholarship, scholarship recipients undertake 130 hours of annual community volunteering. The purpose of volunteering is to pass the contribution forward, for the wellbeing of the Israeli society. "Latet" organization is one of our oldest volunteer organizations, and about 20 HESEG scholars volunteer with them. 

“This is our chance to give our scholars the opportunity of using their time for the improvement of Israeli society and for national strength.”

Mr. Aviv Bushinsky

HESEG Foundation CEO

Applied Matrials

Applied Materials, Inc. is an American corporation that supplies equipment, services and software to enable the manufacture of many technology products. They are the leader of their field and it is their innovations that make possible the technology shaping the future. The company is headquartered in California and was founded in 1967 before going public in 1972.

Western Digital ווסטרן דיגיטל


AUJF was founded in 1968 to support social and educational programs in France and Israel. It aims to strengthen Jewish identity, bring together the Jewish community in France and to unite the people in support of Israel. Tens of thousands of donors are involved with this organization which ensures that AUJF are able to complete their missions.

Reuben Foundation

The Reuben Foundation is a private foundation established in the United Kingdom created to channel the charitable giving of the Reuben family and David and Simon Reuben. It has a focus on healthcare and education.

Hamerkaz Lenadlan


Patrick and Lina Drahi Foundation


Intel is a leading developer of processors, programing and memory. Intel invents at the boundaries of technology to ensure the best experiences for their users. The Israel centre is a leading part of the Intel Corporation and its contribution to the development of society is significant. 

Nitzan Matanel


Pepper Pay



Bank Leumi is an Israeli Bank founded in 1902 to promote the industry, construction, agriculture and infrastructure of the land hoped to ultimately become Israel. Today, they are Israel’s largest bank with overseas offices in Luxembourg, USA, Switzerland, the UK, Mexico, Uruguay, Romania and China. 

Leumi Card

Fondation Adelis

Gad מחלבות גד

Jewish Helping Hands

Jewish Helping Hands is committed to the work of tzedakah, justice and righteousness in the world.

Its goal is to reach out to needy and vulnerable populations both in the United States and abroad to provide ground-level financial and hands-on support.

Bank Yahav

The Sobell Foundation

The Sobell Foundation was established by the late Sir Michael Sobell in 1977 for general charitable purposes and is a grant-making trust with which he was actively involved until shortly before his death in 1993.  The deed of charitable trust, under which the Sobell Foundation was formed, is not specific about the objects of the Trust and allows the Trustees absolute discretion to apply funds for general charitable purposes.

Hamashbir Latzrchan

Hamashbir Latzrchan is the leading department store in Israel; they have 39 branches in key locations across the country. They offer a wide range of brands at the highest quality. Hamashbir has a wide variety of products; women’s wear, men’s wear, kitchen appliances, jewellery, footwear and electricals.


Alarz Tahini

Coca Cola

Shikun vebinui

Keshet Broadcasting

Established in 1993 and is headquartered in Tel Aviv Israel, Keshet is the leading Israeli media company specializing in reaching coveted audiences through existing and emerging media platforms with top rated programs and innovative, groundbreaking content. At the forefront of the global media company’s portfolio is free TV with Keshet Broadcasting, Israel’s most successful television broadcast operator and a franchisee of Channel 2, Israel’s major commercial channel. Keshet Broadcasting has consistently dominated ratings and market share, with daily TV reaching 70% of households and an average prime time share of 38.4%. Programs from Keshet are provided by in-house productions as well as independent producers and span across all genres, including comedy, reality, drama, news and current affairs.


Publicators specialise in email marketing. Founded 13 years ago, their philosophy is that marketing is all about good relationships; you can only benefit if you talk to your subscribers respectfully and listen to what they want. They employ the most service oriented staff; the best tech team, witty marketing people and emotional intelligence customer care people, in order to ensure the best range of financial products and services. 

Youth Futures פותחים עתיד



Bank of Jerusalem

Ma'adanei Miki


XGlobe offers companies the opportunity to purchase advanced hosting services from data facilities worldwide, and benefit from the top-notch service offered 24/7 from expert support and management team. Founded in 2002, their success has led to data centres across the world, including in; North America, the Far East, Europe and Israel. 

Ernst & Young

Ernest and Young is a global success in assurance, tax, transactions and advisory services. Locally, they are committed to building a better working world for their community and clients. On top of this, globally they strive to reinforce their values of creating a healthy work society for 700 offices across 150 countries around the worldwide. 


Since its establishment, social and environmental responsibility has always been an integral part of Osem’s overall management vision.  The overriding principle that guides Osem in its daily business is creating shared value with all stakeholders, whilst recognizing that social resilience and the welfare of the stakeholders are intertwined. 
As a major investment channel in the community, Osem has chosen an area consistent with our core business – promoting nutritional security in Israel.
We believe that we can create a shared value in this area, enabling maximum leverage to our contribution to the community which will lead to effective and long term change.  
Our main partner in the area of promoting nutritional security is Latet Organization.
Our extensive and comprehensive cooperation began more than a decade ago and is multi layered: financial donation, product donation (money’s worth) and employee volunteering. These include, professionals from the Osem group who specialize in activities that are relevant to Latet, supporters, mentors, and consultants to the organization and to local associations that cooperate with it in everything regarding the chain of supply, quality control, safety, nutrition, etc.

“Cooperation between the Osem group and Latet organization has been maintained for the past decade, during which we have donated products worth more. ”

RVM systems


Israeli Council for Youth Organizations


Tara is an agricultural cooperative (co-op) in Israel specializing in milk and dairy products. It is the leading private dairy producer in Israel and the second largest dairy processor after Tnuva.

The June Gelbart Foundation


Jewish Claims Conference


Hermetic Trust has a highly professional and skilled team which provides personal attention to each and every client. Their team is accustomed to working with and meeting the needs of international clients, as well as working locally within Israel. They offer a wide variety of services and always make sure they do the full job, from paperwork to providing external advisors and experts.

Israel Sport

Mizrach Maarav מזרח ומערב

Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia

The Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia uses financial resources and volunteers to address the issues facing Jews today. For more than 115 years they have been bringing aid to Jewish people across the world: whether locally in Philadelphia, in the Jewish homeland or in the Former Soviet Union, where Jews have been more vulnerable in recent years. Through the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia, Jews of all ages and backgrounds can pool resources to ensure that no community member is in need. 


Zeronine is a boutique studio, located in northern Israel, founded by Lior Nitzan and Tom Dar in 2008, specializing in digital design and software development. Their customers vary and include large companies and private individuals, providing them full in-house studio services and in addition to their own. Their projects include various industries, hotel chains, casinos online, food & beverages, startups, etc.


Insuranks is an international insurance marketplace platform that ranks insurers based on consumer feedback of the experience with their services. It also allows users get free insurance quotes and manage their policies online and aims to simplify insurance and make it a friendly and accessible experience for every single person in this world.


Temple Emanu-El


Milotal מילוטל



Teva is committed to increasing access to high-quality healthcare for people across the globe, at every stage of life. They do this by developing, producing and marketing affordable generic drugs as well as innovative and specialty pharmaceuticals and active pharmaceutical ingredients. Teva was established in 190 and their global headquarters are based in Israel.
Today Teva have a portfolio of more than 1,000 molecules, producing approximately 64 billion tablets and capsules a year at 66 manufacturing facilities. They rank among the 10 top pharmaceutical companies in the world and are active in 60 countries.has been lucky enough to be part of this.

Goldfarb Seligman

Goldfarb Seligman is one of Israel’s biggest law firms that delivers top-tier legal services at international standards. The firm has been running for 80 years on the professional philosophy that each client is different, with individual issues and considerations. Based on this philosophy, the firm strives to provide every client with services tailored to their personal needs. Goldfarb Seligman employs over 220 attorneys, including over 80 partners who offer clients a wide spectrum of legal services. Goldfarb Seligman has consistently been ranked among the leading law firms in Israel in various practice areas by international and local ratings such as Chambers Global, European Legal 500, IFLR1000, BDICode, Dun’s 100 and others. 


Of Tov עוף טוב




Israel Aerospace Industries

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) is globally recognized leader in the development and production of systems for the defense and commercial markets. IAI offers unique solutions for a broad spectrum of requirements in space, air, land, sea and cyber. IAI is a an extensive research and development (R&D), engineering, manufacturing and testing capabilities to develop, produce and support complete systems as Satellites and Space Systems, Defense Systems, Missiles and Loitering Weapons, Special Mission and Early Warning Aircrafts, Unmanned Aerial Systems, Radar and Electronic Intelligence, Passengers to Freighter Aircraft Conversions, Command and Control Strategic Systems, Robotics and Cyber  Solutions.
IAI's Cooperation with "Latet" Organization.
One of IAI's (Israel Aerospace Industries Ltd) wide range of activities for the community includes a meaningful and fruitful cooperation of IAI employees with 'Latet' Organization. During the year on several occasions, mostly prior to holiday's time, IAI establish a donation campaign which its employees donate money out of their own capital for purchasing tailored food packages for needed families.  In addition IAI employees contribute at their own free time, establishing a packing and boxing process of all the donated ingredients which then distributed by "Latet" to the needed families. 


Schestowitz שסטוביץ


Bank Hapoalim is Israel’s largest bank. The bank has a significant presence in global financial markets. In Israel, it has over 600 ATMs, 250 bank branches, 7 regional business centers, 22 business branches and industry desks for major corporate customers. Established in 1921, the Bank has been able to create a global presence in the UK, North America and Europe as well as in Israel.

Micro Focus


Angel Bakeries

One Channel


The Foundation for the Memory of the Shoah

The Foundation for the Memory of the Shoah is a private and public interest foundation. It was set up by a French government decree in 2000, when awareness of the French State’s responsibility in the Holocaust was rising. The FMS subsidizes the Shoah Memorial (in Paris and in Drancy); enhances knowledge about the Shoah; provides assistance to survivors in need and combats anti-Semitism by facilitating intercultural dialogue. The foundation has supported Latet since 2007 in the ‘Aid for Life’ program, which helps nearly 1,000 needy holocaust survivors. 


The Isracard Group, owned by Bank Hapoalim, is the leader of the Israeli credit card companies, with 40 years of experience in the field.  As of 2016 the group’s customers hold more than 4 million credit cards and over 100,000 businesses in Israel.They are consistently developing innovative products and services for private and business customers and they are the only provider in the country that clears and discounts the four major credit card brands; Isracard, Mastercard, American Express and Visa. 

Caraso Motors

Carasso Motors Ltd. was founded in 2007. The Company's line of business includes the wholesale distribution of new and used passenger automobiles, trucks, trailers, and other motor vehicles.

Diplomat דיפלומט


Partner Communications Company Ltd is a mobile network operator, internet Wi-Fi and fixed telephony service provider in Israel. Partner Communications commenced full commercial operations in January 1999 and by 31 March 2001 had over 1 million subscribers, representing an estimated 21% of the cellular market in Israel at that time, as of June 2016 it has 2.7 million subscribers and it continues to grow. 


Aroma Israel

Our Values
The insistence on world-class coffee, simple but unique food made to order, and pleasant, friendly, fast and professional service were all part of making us among the largest and most successful chain of cafés in Israel since our establishment in 1994. Our core principles are: superior self-roasted coffee, fresh food made to order, fair prices, modern and pleasant atmosphere, and of course enthusiastic service. In addition to these high standards which we maintain in each and every café, we are also proud to promote social awarness, including advancement of persons with disabilities, sustainability and social responsibility.
Ceo quotation:  
At Aroma, we act in several ways to implement and promote our social responsibility, primarily through leveraging the chain’s points of daily contact with our customers and community.
Aroma has chosen to focus on people with disabilities and to act to promote their rights and integrate them within Israeli society, out of the belief that all people should integrate within society in accordance to their abilities.
Cooperation with Latet:
Aroma Israel has launched roasted Turkish coffee from our roasting factory, at packages of 100 gr.
Aroma Israel donates her profits from selling this product to "Aid To life" program of Latet who gives holistic, comprehensive and personal support to impoverished Holocaust survivors.
In addition, Aroma Israel has donated to the program a significant sums of money in the past years