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Bat Yam helping southern residents

Due to the security situation in the south, LATET and the Bat Yam council hosted about 400 children from the south a few hours of fun activities.

Latet Toda - "Thank You Day" by Latet Youth

On January the 16th, 2018, Latet Youth initiated the nationwide "Thank You Day", for the first time in Israel. When have you last said "Thank You"?

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Mid Road Seminar – Latet Youth

Approximately 1200 youths participated in the Mid-Road seminar – a national seminar of Latet Youth organization.

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Volunteer Conference 2015

The annual event in recognition of LATET volunteers was held on 31.5.15 at the Barby, Tel Aviv.

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Holocaust Memorial Day

For us Holocaust Memorial Day is the time to share and reflect on the personal story of each of the survivors that we aid.

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Shavuot Event for Holocaust Survivors

A festive Shavuot event was held for our holocaust survivors as part of our “Aid for Life” program.

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The Alternative Poverty Report

Each year the face of Israeli society changes due to local and global developments and with it, the poverty indexes change as well.

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Highest Rates Of Child Poverty

Which Countries Have The Highest Rates Of Child Poverty?

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Latet's Programs

Holistic and comprehensive support for impoverished Holocaust survivors

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Raising awareness to the problem of poverty in Israel and leading changes in the national priorities

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Youth organization that instills values of volunteering and develops social entrepreneurship

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An innovative, ground breaking initiative to solve nutritional insecurity within a municipality

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Reducing nutritional insecurity among families and individuals living in severe poverty

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Rescuing edible food that is intended to be thrown away and donating it to families in need

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