Volunteer of the month - July 2020

We are proud to present our volunteer of the month - Ehsan Amer!

Here are some things that you didn’t know about Ehsan:
1. Ehsan decided to volunteer following the outbreak of the pandemic. He was having a hard time watching people lose their jobs and seeing the elderly struggle as they had to stay in isolation - so he decided to help!
2. In his volunteering, Ehsan has managed the food distribution centers for the elderly in and around Nahariya, Haifa and Krayot.
“I felt great satisfaction when I would close up for the day, knowing that the elderly had received their vital food boxes”, Ahsan shares with the Latet team.
3. When Ehsan isn’t volunteering, he is working at the Enforcement and Collection Authority.
4. Ehsan told us about his most exciting moment volunteering with Latet: “One morning in Nahariya when we came to the distribution center, an elderly woman was waiting for us by the door. And to my surprise, she wasn’t there to collect food - but to give us chocolate as a token of appreciation.

Thank you so much Ehsan for your time and dedication to Latet!
Love, all your friends at Latet❤️

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