Holocaust Memorial Day

For us Holocaust Memorial Day is the time to share and reflect on the personal story of each of the survivors that we aid.

For us Holocaust Memorial Day is the time to share and reflect on the personal story of each of the survivors that we aid.
David volunteers to visit a Holocaust survivor within the “Aid for Life” program. He formed a very special relationship with his survivor. David helps him both emotionally and physically, helps him with the shopping every Friday, accompanies him on errands, fixes things in his home, etc.  In honor of David’s birthday, the holocaust survivor called the Classical Music channel and dedicated a song for him. When the survivor was 93 years old, David realized that he had never celebrated a proper birthday.  David took upon himself the task and together with the survivor’s family, they celebrated his 93rd birthday with his very first party.    
Every year, our window of opportunity to help these survivors is closing. It is clear that despite the reduction in the number of survivors each year, their needs are duplicated. Holocaust survivors face the challenges of growing old, but also must deal with the emotional and physical challenges of dire poverty and loneliness. Therefore, we must continue to help them as much as we can for the remainder of their years. We need to assist, to ease their pain and help them live out their remaining years with dignity. 

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Chanuka event held in the police academy in Kiryat Ata. The event was attended by 200 Holocaust survivors. Together we lit Chanuka candles and danced.


School children and their families gather and pack 2,000 Purim gift packages to impoverished Holocaust survivors throughout the country.

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