Volunteer of the month - February 2019

Meet our volunteer of the month >> Shir Zuberman!

We're happy to introduce you to Shir Zuberman, our volunteer of the month!
Here are some interesting facts about Shir, who's volunteering in Tel Aviv:
1. Shir started volunteering two years and a half ago.
2. She's a medical student at Ben Gurion University (in Beer-Sheva) but she still dedicates a lot of time to meet with Dov, the Holocaust survivors she's providing social support to. 
3. The bond between Shir and Dov is amazingly strong, and she and her family often invite him for Shabbat dinners on Friday nights.
4. Shir's brother was in Poland for the March of Living, and when he came back he came visit Dov with Shir. They found out that Dov didn't declare his family as victims of the Holocaust to the Yad Vashem museum, and as such, Shir and her brother encouraged him to submit Pages of Testimony. 

Thank you Shir for your commitment and time to support Latet's efforts! 
We love you, 

Latet Family.

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