Shavuot Event for Holocaust Survivors

Shavuot Event

This exceptional event took place with the help and cooperation of GAD Dairies, Time Out Magazine, Popina restaurant in Neve Tzedek and of course LATET organization and its volunteers. Thee event enabled the survivors to go out for a special and festive evening which included a Shavuot dairy-based meal, in a unique and spectacular restaurant, in the company of other holocaust survivors and charming volunteers who ensured a lively and pleasant atmosphere.
These events that have become a traditional part of the program, fill us with joy, particularly on the following day when many survivors call us to tell us how much they enjoyed themselves and how happy they remained even hours after the event.  
We want to share this feeling with all our partners ofthis event, and say a big thank you once again to everyone. We hope that we shall have many more opportunities to bring joy to the Holocaust survivors living in Israel.

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