Alex' story

Meet Alex, Holocaust survivor receiving support from Aid for Life

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Alex is a 78 years old Holocaust Survivor. A year and a half ago he lost his wife of 40 years and is still grieving her loss. He lives in a small apartment in Mazkeret Batya (close to Jerusalem) and until recently was able to make a living as a shoemaker. But due to health and age issues he can no longer work as much. His wife's illness and death left him in debts and he is struggling to get by. Since 2014 Alex is part of "Aid For Life" program by Latet (To Give)- Humanitarian Aid Organization. The program offers holistic support to impoverished Holocaust survivors living in Israel. A regular volunteer visit's Alex and others twice a month, deliver's a food package and spends some time to ease the loneliness.  Recently Latet also did minor restorations to Alex's home to insure he is safe and secure.   

Latet initiated the Aid for Life Program in 2007 to provide assistance to
impoverished and aging Holocaust survivors, to alleviate their financial, physical, and psychological distress, while conveying a message of support, respect, and concern.
It is today at the forefront of efforts to deliver immediate, direct, and comprehensive responses to these needs. According to The Foundation for the Benefit of Holocaust Victims in Israel' in 2013, one of every five Holocaust survivors skipped meals during the past year, and one of every eight Holocaust survivors waived necessary medicine due to economic difficulties.
Our time is short to support impoverished survivors and help grant them the quality of life they deserve.

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