Volunteer of the month - August 2019

Meet our volunteer of the month >> Lital

Here's Lital, our volunteer of the month! A few facts you don't know about Lital, who is a coordinator in our Aid for Life program for impoverished Holocaust survivors and a policewoman:
1. Lital started to volunteer at Latet a year ago as the Beer Sheva social support coordinator for Holocaust survivors. She coordinates the dozens of volunteers in the area who weekly visit the survivors and monthly bring them a food box.
2. Lital deeply cares about the survivors she visits, always making sure they don't need anything and placing volunteers who match the survivors' needs.
3. Lital is our volunteer of the month because even if she's in the middle of a work shift or studying, she will always respond in the promptest manner.
4. Lital is very attentive to her volunteers, and ensures they visit the survivors every week.

Lital, thank you for your time and dedication to Latet.
Love, all your friends at Latet ❤️

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Volunteer of the month - August 2019

Meet our volunteer of the month >> Lital

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