Yom HaShoah - Sharing Memories 2024

More than 20 content creators will share the stories of Holocaust survivors on their Instagram

Sharing Memories 2024
In honor of the 79th Israeli Holocaust Remembrance Day, that will be commemorated on May 5-6th,
More than 20 prominent content creators will share the stories of Holocaust survivors on their Instagram.
On this important day, you can get a rare glimpse into the testimony of a survivor through personal and heartfelt meetings, and follow the lives of the survivors in Israel, where some of them experience a reality of poverty and great loneliness.
About half of the survivors participating in the project receive monthly assistance from Latet.


Aliza Erber's story shared by Michael Rapaport
Aliza Erber, 81, was born in Holland in a small town where her mother was sent to in order to get as far away as possible from the German invasion. In April of 1943, that town was overrun by the Gestapo and as a result, her mother had to give her away to a doctor and nurses who built an underground bunker in the woods. Together with 9 other Jewish babies, she was hidden for 2 years. Michael will share Aliza's moving story on his Instagram on May 5th.

Aspir Grosman's story shared by Ania Bukstein
Aspir Grossman, 84, was born in 1940 in the city of Dnipro, Ukraine. When she was one year old, the war broke out, and she fled with her parents from the city and spent most part of the war hiding in the mountains. When the war ended, they returned to her hometown. For 30 years, Aspir was a music teacher, and in 1990, at the age of 50, she immigrated to Israel with her family. Ania will share Aspir's moving story on her Instagram on May 5th.
*Aspir receives monthly assistance from Latet's "Aid for Life" program

Haim Ra'anan's story shared by Guy Pines
Haim Ra'anan, 89, was born in 1935 in Budapest, Hungary. His early years were spent in the Budapest Ghetto. Haim is one of the founding members of Kibbutz Be'eri, where he established his family. On October 7th, he found himself confined to his safe room for several hours alongside his son, grandson, and caregiver. Fortunately, Haim's family survived the massacre. Guy will share Haim's moving story on his Instagram on May 5th.

Hannah Libman's story shared by Or Shpitz
Hannah Libman,91, was born in Poland and was 6 years old when the war broke out. Her home was destroyed during the German invasion of Poland and the heavy bombardments. Hannah's family survived the war, and in 1948 they immigrated to Israel. She has two daughters and she has grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Following the events of October 7th, Hannah tragically lost her grandson, Noam Ashram, who fell in combat in the Gaza Strip. Or will share Hana's moving story on her Instagram on May 5th .
*Hannah receives monthly assistance from Latet's "Aid for Life" program

Yosef Geitner's story shared by Ofira Asayag
Yosef Geitner, 92, was born in Romania. When he was 9, he was sent with his family to the ghetto on cattle trains under impossible conditions. They suffered greatly for 3 years. He and his parents survived but he lost half of his family. After the war, Yosef returned home with his mother, where he reunited with his father who had been sent to a labor camp earlier. He started a family and immigrated to Israel in 1990. Ofira will share Yosef's moving story on her Instagram on May 5th.
*Yosef receives monthly assistance from Latet's "Aid for Life" program

Bernard and Paulina Felikman's story shared by Orel Nisan (N12 - Israeli news outlet)
Bernard, 94, was born in the city of Chernivtsi, which was then part of Romania. Following the war's outbreak, he and his family were sent to the ghetto, where they resided for four years. Paulina, his 85-year-old wife, comes from a small town near Serbia. When the war erupted, her father was drafted into the army, prompting her to escape with her mother and sister to Azerbaijan. The two of them immigrated to Israel in 1973. Orel will share their moving story on her Instagram on May 5th.
*Bernard and Paulina receive monthly assistance from Latet's "Aid for Life" program

Eva Erben's story shared by Almog Boker

Eva Erben, 93, was born into a prosperous family in Czechoslovakia. In December 1941, she and her family were transported to the Theresienstadt ghetto. By October 1944, when Eva was 14 years old, they were sent to Auschwitz, where she was separated from her father. Following the war, she reunited with her aunt, residing with her for a year before opting to move to an orphanage. Eventually, Eva met Peter, and the couple immigrated to Israel. Almog will share Eva's moving story on his Instagram on May 5th.

Ruth Heran's story shared by Anna Aronov
Ruth Haran, 88, was born in Bucharest, Romania. The war began when she was just 3, and she remembers the hunger and fear during the Nazi occupation. After the war, her family reunited and moved to Israel in 1947. Ruth, who lives in Kibbutz Be'eri, survived the events of October 7th. While she escaped unharmed, her son Avshalom was killed, and eight other family members, including young children, were abducted to the Gaza Strip. Anna will share Ruth's moving story on her Instagram on May 5th.

Adina Simon story shared by Bar Miniely
Adina Simon, 84, was born in Bulgaria. When the German army invaded the country in March 1944, Jews were promptly asked to wear the yellow star, their belongings seized, and measures were taken to isolate them from the rest of the population with the intention of annihilating them. Despite the harrowing circumstances, most of her family managed to survive the Holocaust. In 1948, she immigrated to Israel with her parents and sister. Bar will share Adina's moving story on her Instagram on May 5th.
*Adina receives monthly assistance from Latet's "Aid for Life" program

Yona Levi's story shared by Gaya Shalita Katz 

Berthe Badehi's story shared by Dylen and Emily
Berthe Badehi, 92, was born in Lyon, France. When Germany occupied France from June 1940, Berthe was separated from her family and hidden in a clandestine location, adopting a false identity until the end of the war. She immigrated to Israel after the war and started a family. During the Second Intifada, Berthe tragically lost her eldest son while he was serving in the IDF. Dylen and Emily will share Berthe's moving story on their Instagram on May 5th .

Ya'akov Shor's story shared by Dana Frider
Yaakov Shor, 90, was born in Poland. At the age of 10, the German Gestapo raided his home one night in search of his brother Shmuel, who was part of a resistance movement. Subsequently, the family was arrested and confined to the Krakow Ghetto prison. Following the war, Yaakov and his sister clandestinely immigrated to Israel aboard a passenger ship. Eventually, he met his wife Tamar and started a family with her in Israel. Dana will share Ya'akov's moving story on their Instagram on May 5th.

Tzili Wenkert's story shared by Danit Greenberg
Tzili Wenkert, 83, was born in Chernivtsi, Romania. When she was 6 weeks only, she and her family were sent to the ghetto by the Germans. Despite the hardships, Tzili and her family survived the Holocaust, and she immigrated to Israel in 1965. Her first grandchild, Omri Wenkert, was kidnapped from the Nova music festival and taken to the Gaza Strip on October 7th, where he remains to this day. Danit will share Tzili's moving story on her Instagram on May 5th.

Daniel Luz's story shared by Miran and Maor Buzaglo
Daniel Luz, 90, was born in France. When the war began, he was only 7 years old. By the time he was 9, he, along with his mother and sister, was sent to an internment camp as the French authorities collaborated with the Nazis. Daniel, who helo a British passport in addition to his French one, survived the Holocaust thanks to the arrangement that the Red Cross had at the time with the Allies. Daniel resides in Kibbutz Be'eri and survived the events of October 7th by hiding with his partner Edna in their safe room until they were rescued. Miran and Maor will share Daniel's moving story on their Instagram on May 5th.

Yehudit Shosh's story shared by Michal Peylan
Yehudit Shosh, 95, was born in Budapest, Hungary. In 1944, during the German invasion, her father was sent to the Buchenwald concentration camp. Yehudit, along with her mother and sister, was sent to the ghetto, then later transferred to a labor camp and endured one of the death marches. She met her husband and in 1947, they immigrated to Israel. Tragically, during the October 7th massacre, Yehudit's grandson Noy was killed in Kibbutz Be'eri. Michal will share Yehudit's moving story on her Instagram on May 5th.
*Yehudit receives monthly assistance from Latet's "Aid for Life" program

Mia Avidan's story shared by Meshi Kleinstein
Mia Avidan, 84, was born in Romania. While her father was captured and sent to a concentration camp, she and her mother managed to escape to Bucharest, where a family hid them, and miraculously, the entire family survived. After the war, they remained in Romania, but still suffered from severe anti-Semitism. In 1966, she immigrated to Israel together with her husband and their two sons. Meshi will share Mia's moving story on her Instagram on May 5th.
*Mia receives monthly assistance from Latet's "Aid for Life" program

Gabi Hirsch's story shared by Nevo Amrani
Gabi Hirsch, 81, was born in Tunisia during the war. Her mother recounted how, as an infant, Gabi roamed with them from one place to another to stay alive. When she was 12, she moved to Israel with her two sisters as part of the Youth Aliyah movement. Eventually, she married a Holocaust survivor from Romania. Together, they had 5 children and 16 grandchildren. Nevo will share Gabi's moving story on his Instagram on May 5th. 
*Gabi receives monthly assistance from Latet's "Aid for Life" program

Yossi Koren's story shared by Shahar Hauon
Yossi Koren, 91,was born in Budapest, Hungary. He was 10.5 when the Germans invaded the city in March 1944. Following the decree for Jews to wear the yellow star, he and his family were sent to the ghetto but were quickly smuggled into a basement where they hid until the end of the war. With the help of the Jewish Agency, Yossi immigrated to Israel in March 1949. There, he met his wife Esther and enlisted in the IDF. Shahar will share Yossi's moving story on her Instagram on May 5th .

Gavriel Moked's story shared by Odeya Azoulay

Gabriel Moked, 91 years old, was born in Warsaw, Poland. The war broke out when he was 6 years old, and together with his family, he was imprisoned in the Warsaw Ghetto. He and his mother managed to escape, while his father, who was a doctor and stayed to help the ghetto residents and organizers of the ghetto uprising, was later murdered by the Nazis. In 1946, he immigrated to Israel and started a family.  Odeya will share Gabriel's moving story on her Instagram on May 5th.

Chaim Lahat's story shared by Orel Tsabari
Chaim Lahat, 89, was born in the Netherlands. When Germany invaded the country in 1940, Chaim was only 6 years old. Despite the perilous circumstances, Chaim escaped with his mother and older brother. Sadly, most of his family perished, but his mother and brother survived. After the war, Chaim immigrated to Israel, where he enlisted and served as an officer in the Air Force. Orel will share Chaim's moving story on his Instagram on May 5th .

Sharing Memories 2024

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