Esther's story

Her past bears painful memories. Her present shouldn't have to.

Like Esther, thousands of Holocaust survivors live below the poverty line and struggle to find the means to get through the day. The holidays are particularly difficuly for these survivors, who suffer from scarcity and isolation. 

Esther has been receiving help from "Aid for Life" for a few years and has been incredible relationships with the volunteers who come visit her, bring her food packages, take her on walks and drive her to doctor's appointment. 

More than ever, Holocaust survivors need our help. Help us give them a greater start to the year.

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Latet Organization & the Claims Conference

Thanks to the support of the Claims Conference, we helped 3,000 impoverished Holocaust survivors during the Covid-19 outbreak. Watch the video >>

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Read one of our volunteer's story.

He has been volunteering with Latet since high school and recounts his experience. Prepared to be truly moved.

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The distribution of winter packages started!

Be part of this chain of solidarity too! Let's show survivors that they are not alone and that they can count on us. Donate now a winter package >>

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Holiday Events for Holocaust Survivors

Together with Israeli companies and hundreds of volunteers we organize special events to celebrate all the Jewish holidays.

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The Fast Route to Re-Uniting the Family

Our portable renovation unit has helped Y bring his son home on the weekends.

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Kevin shares Zvi's story

Sharing memories - on Israel Holocaust Remembrance Day, the story of survivor Zvi will be shared by Kevin Rubin on his Instagram Stories >>

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2021 Mid-Year Social Impact Report

We are proud to present the 2021 Mid-Year Social Impact Report and the struggle with the economic crisis >>

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Chanuka Party at the Police Academy

Chanuka event held in the police academy in Kiryat Ata. The event was attended by 200 Holocaust survivors. Together we lit Chanuka candles and danced.

Tova's story

Tova is one of the Holocaust survivors in need receiving holistic support from Latet

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