The Fast Route to Re-Uniting the Family

Our Portable Renovation

​Our portable renovation unit has been used to help Y bring his son home on the weekends.Y is an 89 year old Holocaust survivor from Hadera. Every day Y uses public transport to visit his handicapped son who is suffering from a mental disability and is hospitalized in a home in Netanya.  The journey is long and particularly difficult for an elderly man in his 90s.
His only wish is to be able to bring his son home on the weekends, but this was impossible as there was no access path in his house for a wheelchair.
Our portable renovation unit came to the rescue and planned and executed an access path leading from the gate of the property all the way to the front door, including a ramp for a wheelchair.

A week later Y and his son celebrated the Sabbath together in their home.

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The Fast Route to Re-Uniting the Family

Our portable renovation unit has helped Y bring his son home on the weekends.

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