Rosh Hashana Party!

Our 6 parties for Holocaust survivors will take place before Rosh Hashana

Every year, "Aid for Life" organizes parties for its members, in different locations throughout the country. This year, 6 parties will take place. These festive events are a great way for Holocaust survivors to meet each other, mingle with volunteers, have a great holiday meal and leave with lovely memories. 

We are really looking forward to the ones this year!
We are expecting to host 350 survivors. 
The parties are held in collaboration with leading companies in Israel, who are giving venues, meals and gifts.

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Thank you for your Support!

Your support , alongside the joint effort from the Israeli society, allows us to give hope for a brighter future to many impoverished populations.

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From the Alternative Poverty Report 2014

Reflects the latest trends on the subject of poverty and food insecurity in Israel in the year 2014.

Tu Bishvat Party

We hold a Tu Bishvat party for Holocaust survivors in cooperation with the Leo Baeck Community Centre in Haifa.

Latet Organization & the Claims Conference

Thanks to the support of the Claims Conference, we helped 3,000 impoverished Holocaust survivors during the Covid-19 outbreak. Watch the video >>

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School children and their families gather and pack 2,000 Purim gift packages to impoverished Holocaust survivors throughout the country.