Volunteer of the month - November 2019

Meet our volunteer of the month >> Ella

Here's Ella, our volunteer of the month! A few facts you don't know about Ella, a graphic designer volunteering for various Latet Youth's projects:
1. Ella started to volunteer in 2017 as a video photographer and editor.
2. Although Ella is working full time at an ad agency, she'll always be committed and pay attention to the smallest details.

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From the Alternative Poverty Report

Reflects the latest trends on the subject of poverty and food insecurity in Israel in 2014.

Showing Gratitude to the Israeli Bravery

Showing appreciation for the security forces and civillians demonstrating courage while reinforcing resilience and unity among the people of Israel

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Volunteer of the Month!

Meet Nayef, one of the volunteers at Latet Youth, whose dedication earned him the "Volunteer of the Month" title!

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Volunteer of the month - November 2019

Meet our volunteer of the month >> Ella

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Shimon Peres at the Fight Poverty Conference

In 2014, at the Peres Center for Peace, the Fight Poverty Conference was held and students from Latet Youth program participated.

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Latet Youth- On the Road to Success!

Our Latet Youth groups have been hard at work these past few months in order to create successful social initiatives!

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Thank you Latet Youth!

A huge thumbs up to our amazing Latet Youth members who showed support to firemen in the North following the waves of fires over the weekend!

Latet Youth Night Run!

The young members of the Latet Youth movement led a fundraising Night Run in Beer Sheva! Profits were allocated to the program.

LATET Youth and President Reuven Rivlin

Representatives of youth organizations and LATET youth met with President Reuven Rivlin,in order to recognize and appreciate projects in the community

LATET Youth Group Members at the Night Race

Aimed at raising funds for enrichment activities for children at risk in activity clubs in Beersheba.