International Ambassadors Campaign!

The 10 international ambassadors started raising funds for the Holidays!

This year, we decided to add an international twist to our Holidays campaign, by launching in conjunction an international Ambassadors Campaign! 
Coming from Canada, the US, Norway, France, Belgium and Australia, our young and dedicated ambassadors have committed to raise funds in the name of Latet in their communities. 
They each got their donations page, that they can share through various media to their families, friends and communites. We are so excited to see what's to come!

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Latet Brochure

What does Latet mean? How did it all start? What do we do?

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From the Alternative Poverty Report

Reflects the latest trends on the subject of poverty and food insecurity in Israel in 2014.

2016 Annual Poverty Conference

Latet's Annual Poverty Conference will take place on December 12th in Tel Aviv!

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Alternative Poverty Report 2021

Click to read our 19th Alternative Poverty Report, which reflects the current trends pertaining to poverty and nutritional insecurity in Israel 2021>>

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Latet Annual Report

We are pleased to share our annual report, which summarizes all the activities and highlights that occurred in 2015. We thank you for the support!

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Closing a successful High Holidays Campaign!

We are so excited to announce that we reached our goal of raising funds to provide 200,000 meals to families in need this year!

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Shana Tova & Hag Sameah!

We wish you a beautiful, sweet and fruitful new year!

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2015 Alternative Poverty Report

Release of the 2015 Alternative Poverty Report written in Hebrew, reflecting the latest trends regarding poverty and nutritional insecurity in Israel

Key numbers from the 2020 Poverty Report

Click to read the key numbers of Latet's Alternative Poverty Report that explores the consequences of the Covid-19 outbreak on Israeli society >>

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The Real Israeli

cutting in lines, beeping car hones a minute after the traffic light has changed, yelling loudly using their hands, manipulating...

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