Shana Tova & Hag Sameah!

On behalf of the Latet family, we wish you a happy new year!

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Social Impact Report 2019

Check out the organizations' achievements in 2019 >>

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Alternative Poverty Report 2017

The 15th issue of the Alternative Poverty Report, which sheds light on the most up-to-date trends regarding poverty and food insecurity in Israel 2017

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Highest Rates Of Child Poverty

Which Countries Have The Highest Rates Of Child Poverty?

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Latet Annual Report

We are pleased to share our annual report, which summarizes all the activities and highlights that occurred in 2015. We thank you for the support!

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365 days of impact

2018 was a huge year for Latet! A year full of meaningful work, thanks to you, our dear friends. Check out our 2018 summary report >>

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Mid-Year Summary 2018

Dear Friends of Latet, in case you were wondering what have we done for the past few months, just click and have a look! >>>

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Alternative Poverty Report 2019

Discover the latest poverty data Latet has gathered >>

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Latet - 2017 in Review

Dear Friends of Latet, we are proud to share with you our 2017 summary magazine! Click to have a look at our 2017 activities and achievements >>

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Brochure Latet en Français

Qu'est-ce que l'organisation Latet? Comment tout a commencé? Que faisons-nous?

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The Real Israeli

cutting in lines, beeping car hones a minute after the traffic light has changed, yelling loudly using their hands, manipulating...

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