Our first ever event in France

80 French attendees got to hear about what we do at Latet! >>

On March 3, Gilles Darmon, the Founder and President of Latet, participated via Skype in a fundraising event that took place in Marseille, France.
80 attendees learned about Latet, our programs, the populations we help and took part in a very interesting Q&A session.
This is the first time such an event takes place in France. It was organized in cooperation with the French assosications ACIB Mazal Tov and FSJU (Fonds Social Juif Unifié).

This event is in line with the organization's recent efforts to raise awareness about the poverty issue in Israel among international audiences. At the end of the happening, some of the participatns made beautiful donations that will directly impact the lives of people in need in Israel. 

Do you wish to take action too and organize an event to inform about the impacftul aid programs of Latet and collect donations for a beautiful cause?
Contact us by sending an email to:
[email protected]    

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Our first ever event in France

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