Music is in the Air!

Thanks to Latet's partnership with the Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra, Aid for Life enjoyed a performance from Zubin Mehta!

Music is in the air thanks to Latet's partnership with the Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra, which invited thirty Holocaust Survivors, along with volunteers, to see the conductor Zubin Mehta live at the Mann Auditorium in Tel Aviv!
That’s not all - thanks to the generosity of the Symphonic Orchestra in Beer Sheva, prior to each concert, a number of tickets will be allocated for the Survivors in our care, along with their volunteers! Concerts are a wonderful treat for our Survivors, who are looking forward to more live shows throughout the year! 

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Chanuka Party at the Police Academy

Chanuka event held in the police academy in Kiryat Ata. The event was attended by 200 Holocaust survivors. Together we lit Chanuka candles and danced.

Read one of our volunteer's story.

He has been volunteering with Latet since high school and recounts his experience. Prepared to be truly moved.

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Volunteer of the month - February 2019

Meet our volunteer of the month >> Shir Zuberman!

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Night out at the Philharmonic Orchestra!

Twenty Holocaust survivors of Aid for Life got to enjoy a beautiful concert at the Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra in Jerusalem.

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Winter packages for Holocaust survivors

The winter is here and we have the power to bring brightness and warmth to thousands of Holocaust survivors and elderly in need in Israel >>

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Fire Station Used to Distribute Food

Despite the weather, Holocaust survivors received their food packages on time thanks to the fire station that delivered the packages in the fire truck

Rosh Hashana Party!

To celebrate the entry into the new year, we will be hosting parties for Holocaust survivors this week!

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Volunteer of the month - August 2019

Meet our volunteer of the month >> Lital

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School children and their families gather and pack 2,000 Purim gift packages to impoverished Holocaust survivors throughout the country.

VIP Movie Night Out

"Aid for Life" took some of its participants to a very special night out the movies, thanks to Israel 888.

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