Mia says thank you!

Mia got a much needed dental treatment thanks to our Emergency Fund and wants to thank you >>

Our summer fundraising for our Emergency Fund for Holocaust survivors has already allowed us to respond to the urgent needs of 40 survivors! And you know what? This is part of a much bigger picture! 
Since the beginning of the year, we've provided 44 dental treatments, 67 pairs of eyeglasses and 199 home repairs - among many other things - to impoverished survivors. 

Mia, 80, was born in Romania and has felt anti-Semitism even after surviving the war. She was kicked out of university because she didn't agree to sign on a paper saying she would not move to Israel. She finally made Aliyah in 1966. She receives monthly assistance from Latet since 2015. Thanks to our summer campaign, she got a much needed dental treatment. 
Click on the link to watch her full thank you video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ald-RllYBDk&feature=youtu.be

Thank you all for your support!
If you wish to donate: https://bit.ly/2JrmvdQ

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