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Israeli charity organizations like Latet enable anyone to donate to the community in a respectful and transparent way.  

Latet is one of the leading charity organizations in Israel and its goal is to reduce poverty on a financial and nutritional level, in order to make a more just and better society.  This Israeli charity organization’s scope of activities is very large and is made possible thanks to tens of thousands of donors and volunteers who are striving to make a positive impact on Israeli society together with Israeli charitable organizations. When you donate to Israeli charities like Latet, you are making a beautiful statement about wanting to create change and make a better reality for those in need.
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Increasing demand from Israeli charity organizations

Sadly, poverty rates in Israel rank the country as the last of the OECD countries in terms of poverty. According to the 2018 official data of the National Insurance Institute, 21.2% of the Israeli population, among which 29.6% children, live in poverty. People living in difficult financial situations find it hard to survive without external support and assistance. The number of people in need of assistance continues to grow, yet the government’s aid doesn’t come close to helping everyone that lives in poverty in Israel.
According to Latet’s 2018 Alternative Poverty Report, 75.6% of Israel’s general population believes the government should be responsible for reducing poverty, however, the role of providing assistance to people in need mainly falls on Israeli charitable organizations.
Israeli charitable organizations are also working on a new plan called "City Without Hunger" to fight hunger within large metropolises. This initiative is designed to eliminate nutritional insecurity in Israel. If successful, charity organizations in Israel can roll it out to the country’s remaining regions for a greater impact. The program focuses on sustainable solutions to aid every resident who is struggling with food insecurity.

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Charity Organizations in Israel
In light of this gloomy reality, dozens of charity organizations in Israel were established with the goal of helping impoverished populations and making sure these individuals are able to live in financial and physical security. Latet (which means “to give” in Hebrew) is one of the leading Israeli charity organizations and started its activity in 1996. When it was first established, in addition to combating poverty in Israel, this Israeli charitable organization specialized in sending emergency aid delegations and humanitarian assistance abroad following wars and natural disasters. After the emergency delegation sent to Haiti following the earthquake in 2010, the organization changed its course of action to focus on reducing poverty and providing assistance in Israel only. In order for Israeli charitable organizations like Latet to succeed in their work, they need civil society's support and willingness to donate to Israeli charities money and time.

Donate to Israeli charities in different ways
With the goal of reducing poverty across all sectors of society, charity organizations in Israel like Latet make it possible for people interested in making a difference to be able to donate to the specific projects run by the organization. Latet is the largest of the Israeli charity organizations combating poverty in Israel and its activities cover a wide array of fields. Therefore, if you wish to donate to Israeli charities, you should know that Latet offers the opportunity to contribute to many programs impacting different sectors of Israeli society:
>>Providing direct and holistic assistance to over 1,000 impoverished Holocaust survivors every month, through the “Aid for Life” program. Among all Israeli charitable organizations, Latet is the only one offering such a comprehensive aid to Holocaust survivors.
>>Leading the national food bank providing ongoing assistance to 60,000 families in need (200,000 individuals) in order to reduce food insecurity rates, through the “National Security” initiative. Latet distributes food to 180 local charity organizations in Israel, who then redistribute it to the people in need.
>>Encouraging the next generation to be social leaders and entrepreneurs, guided by values of giving and mutual responsibility, through the “Latet Youth” organization. Latet Youth is just another example of Latet’s uniqueness when compared to other Israeli charity organizations as it is the only one among Israeli charitable organizations with a project that is entirely dedicated to nurturing the Israeli teens as caring citizens.     

Another way to donate to Israeli charities is giving your most meaningful resource: time. Charity organizations in Israel like Latet also provide the possibility for the public to volunteer. Charity organizations in Israel count on hundreds of volunteers to help them in their ongoing activities: 19,100 volunteers joined Latet’s activities in 2018, providing 452,000 hours of voluntary service. Whether it’s coming to Latet’s logistic center to pack food boxes for people in need, visiting Holocaust survivors on a regular basis, participating in different events the organization organizes or volunteering their own skills (photography, video editing, design skills etc), the volunteers have the opportunity to get involved based on their talents/skills/wishes.
For Latet as for other Israeli charitable organizations, volunteers and donors often claim that while they’re the ones who chip in something concrete (their time or money), they also receive something in return from taking part in the meaningful and impactful activities of charity organizations in Israel.  
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