Poverty In Israel

LATET is combating poverty in Israel!

Poverty in Israel is a significant problem today, and it affects many groups in the Israeli society, including peripheral populations, Jewish-Orthodox community, and Israel’s Arabic communities.
There are many reason for the poverty in Israel. For example,  the Jewish-Orthodox community places Torah study above any other activity, and traditional Muslim households rarely allow women to work.
The Israeli government is not always seeking a solution for poverty in Israel because it is concerned that more people would choose to live off of the largesse of the government rather than step into the workforce.

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LATET's Mission

The government does have ideas for easing poverty in Israel, and they include investing in the country’s infrastructure as well as promoting the skills that can be useful in the labor market. There is also another way to address social issues in Israel. Our  charitable organization “LATET” has the mission of combating poverty in Israel to create a “better and just society.”

Nutritional Security

Since hunger in Israel is a problem, LATET has several programs that address this issue directly. For example, the organization’s “Nutritional Security” initiative addresses hunger in Israel by collecting food for poor families and individuals. The group also works to change the government’s view on this issue so that policies may be enacted that will help the poor in Israel.

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Food Rescue

Another way that Latet is fighting hunger in Israel is with its initiative “Food Rescue.” With this program, the group “rescues” food that is designated to be thrown away and donates it to families and individuals who are experiencing food insecurity. “The City without Hunger” initiative also addresses hunger in Israel by seeking a model that would ultimately solve the problem of hunger in Israel.

Aid for Life

Latet also addresses the special needs of one distinct group that is suffering from poverty in Israel. The “Aid for Life” initiative focuses on Holocaust survivors, and it offers these people emotional and financial assistance. Latet believes that every Israeli citizen is responsible for every Holocaust survivor, and the group makes sure to care for these individuals in every way possible.

Latet Youth

Latet is aware that addressing the needs of the poor in Israel is an ongoing process. It has enacted the “Latet Youth” initiative to start young people on the path toward giving and responsibility. In the process, the group brings young people together for the purpose of combating poverty in Israel by teaching them to become entrepreneurs. The group attracts the poor in Israel who come from every section of society for the purpose of joining the program.

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Poverty in Israel

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LATET has the mission of combating poverty in Israel to create a “better and just society.”

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