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Are you looking to donate to Israel? Have you heard of Latet, the country's largest charitable organization?

In English, "latet" means "to give". The name is appropriate as Latet gives to the people of Israel every day on a wide scale.

Whether they're counseling businesswomen or supplying meals to poor families on Jewish holidays, Latet's team members are always striving to strengthen the fabric of Israeli society. Donations to Israel from people like you are essential to this nonprofit's work.

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Gathering Millions of Donations to Israel

Latet, which is nonpartisan, enjoys enthusiastic support. In fact, 2 million Israeli citizens have given food and other items to Latet since Gilles Darmon, a French immigrant, founded it in 1996.
Additionally, more than 100,000 people have offered their time to this nonprofit. Indeed, each year, about 13,000 individuals donate to Israel by volunteering with Latet.

Every Dollar Counts (!)

You can be certain that Latet will handle your donations to Israel with honesty and competence. The nation's Registry of Associations has audited this foundation and deemed it worthy of an Association Proper Management Certificate.

On top of that, Latet publishes all of its financial information on its website. Thus, people who want to donate to Israel can obtain a clear picture of how this group handles its funds.

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A Portfolio of Helpful Programs

One of Latet's important ventures is Aid for Life. It uses donations to Israel to assist the country's Holocaust survivors. It helps them materially and medically, and it also sends volunteers to their homes to spend time with them.

For its part, Latet's City Without Hunger collects healthy foods and distributes them to people who are struggling with poverty and malnutrition. Moreover, it's developing methods of fighting hunger that could be applied to towns and cities all over Israel.

When you donate to Israel via this charity, you're likewise supporting Latet Youth. This program teaches underserved young people about volunteering, starting their own companies, and becoming leaders in their communities.

Then there's To Give a Future, which turns donations to Israel into business opportunities for women. That is, it provides them with microloans, networking sessions, professional mentors, and more. It's allowed many women to get past their monetary problems and embark on exciting new careers.

The initiatives listed above are just some of the projects that Latet is undertaking. Whatever your philanthropic passion might be, when you donate to Israel through this organization, you'll likely be advancing that cause.

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Donate to Israel

Latet, which is nonpartisan, enjoys enthusiastic support. In fact, 2 million Israeli citizens have given food and other items to Latet since...

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