Providing immediate aid in Turkey

Tens of thousands of people in Turkey need immediate assistance in order to survive

The terrible earthquake that struck Turkey left thousands of people without shelter, damaged property, and claimed an incalculable number of lives.  In light of the dimensions of the disaster, it is expected that significant humanitarian aid will be required for those who survived but lost their homes.

Having operated in both routine and emergency situations, we have partnered with SmartAid, IsraAid, SId Israel, the Israeli Volunteering Council, the Israel-Turkey Business Council, Turkish Embassy in Israel, Turkish Airlines and the Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency in Turky (AFAD), to map the needs and prepare for humanitarian assistance. Food, baby food, first aid kits, medicines and medical equipment, water purifiers, tents and peripheral equipment, winter equipment, and hygiene products are all being collected and purchased.

For more than 27 years, Latet has provided emergency assistance during natural disasters and civil wars, and has sent humanitarian aid missions to Ukraine, Kosovo, Rwanda, Croatia, Georgia, Turkey, India, Sri Lanka, Congo, Myanmar, Haiti, among other places.

Together with our partners, we  will do everything we can to help as many as possible.

Click here to contribute to the purchase of food and emergency equipment.


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Providing immediate aid in Turkey

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