Closing a successful High Holidays Campaign!

From Kikar Rabin to Beer Sheva, we led a great campaign to start the New Year!

The High Holidays are over and so is our campaign and we are so proud to announce that we reached our goal! Thanks to all of you, your continued support and generosity, we will be able to help 60,000 families in need all over Israel! 
From our Ambassadors Campaign, with participants from 10 different countries, to our Telethon on Channel 2, including a major food drive and an exciting culinary project, thanks to the thousands of volunteers who made it happen, this campaign was a great success! 

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From the Alternative Poverty Report

Reflects the latest trends on the subject of poverty and food insecurity in Israel in 2014.

Latet - 2017 in Review

Dear Friends of Latet, we are proud to share with you our 2017 summary magazine! Click to have a look at our 2017 activities and achievements >>

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Alternative Poverty Report 2018

35.6% of children in Israel live in poverty. Click to learn more about the most up-to-date trends in the field of poverty and nutritional insecurity

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Mid-Year Summary 2018

Dear Friends of Latet, in case you were wondering what have we done for the past few months, just click and have a look! >>>

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365 days of impact

2018 was a huge year for Latet! A year full of meaningful work, thanks to you, our dear friends. Check out our 2018 summary report >>

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2015 Alternative Poverty Report

Release of the 2015 Alternative Poverty Report written in Hebrew, reflecting the latest trends regarding poverty and nutritional insecurity in Israel

The Real Israeli

cutting in lines, beeping car hones a minute after the traffic light has changed, yelling loudly using their hands, manipulating...

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Latet Brochure

What does Latet mean? How did it all start? What do we do?

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​MAZON and Government Relations Meeting

​Latet's Director of Government Relations met with our partners at MAZON Organization in their offices in Los Angeles to discuss our awareness and adv

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The Alternative Poverty Report

Each year the face of Israeli society changes due to local and global developments and with it, the poverty indexes change as well.

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