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Latet Organization has published the 2013 Alternative Poverty Report.
- 69% of aid recipients live in nutritional insecurity (despite aid from NGOs) - they and their family members do not have the minimal food required for basic and proper sustenance, compared to only 7% among the general population. - 63% of aid recipients need medical services and prescription drugs on a regular basis. 67% reported that they cannot pay for services required for maintaining good health. -Only 5% of the elderly report that their allowance allows them to live in dignity

LATET Organization's 2010 Alternative Poverty Report

Russian and yiddish-speaking volunteers are needed
for the Haifa and Krayot region only, to help distribute food packages to Holocaust survivors. For further details, email:

The Aid for Life program for Holocaust survivors in need
As of the beginning of 2010, personal and ongoing assistance is provided to 1600 Holocaust survivors throughout the country, by over 1,300 dedicated volunteers.





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