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Volunteering With Vulnerable Populations

Are you interested in volunteering in Israel? You should consider Latet, the largest non-profit in Israel combating poverty and food insecurity throughout the country. When you volunteer in Israel with Latet, you get to use your skills and talents while working directly with vulnerable populations. Latet is a non-partisan, non-profit and non-governmental organization with the mission of reducing poverty in Israel for a better and more just society. Take a look at the different ways you can get involved and volunteer in Israel with Latet.
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Working With Children

If you have a passion for working with talented young people, Latet Youth is a great match for you. It is a youth organization that brings together youth from all backgrounds, including at-risk children (who account for about 30% of the organization’s members). The three-year program works to increase the participants' entrepreneurial skills and encourage them to become social actions leaders within their own communities. Latet Youth is dedicated to instill the values of volunteering and mutual responsibility in youth, as it believes that the consistent involvement of teens in volunteering activities and social micro-initiatives help create a society driven by solidarity.  
If you are looking to volunteer in Israel with children, this can be the opportunity you were looking for! The counselors are all volunteers who serve as personal role models for the participants. Volunteer in Israel as a counselor at Latet Youth!
You've always liked children, are passionate about social change and have some free time twice a week? Through a series of field trips, educational seminars, hands-on lessons, and community service projects, you can have an impact on the next generation, creating the right infrastructure for leadership and social entrepreneurship among Israeli teens.
Helping Holocaust survivors

Since 2007, Latet has been the only charity organization in Israel providing a comprehensive aid package to 1,450 Holocaust survivors in need every month, through its program “Aid for Life”. The assistance includes a monthly food box, emergency fund for medical and paramedical needs, home restorations as well as ongoing social support in the form of personal volunteers and social events throughout the year.
If you wish to volunteer in Israel, speak Hebrew, live in Israel and can commit for at least a year, supporting a Holocaust survivor in need is an amazing experience that creates a long-term, meaningful relationship.

Increasing food security among poor families

Latet operates the leading national food bank. The Nutritional Security Initiative aims to reduce food insecurity among families and individuals living in severe poverty by rescuing, collecting and distributing food to 95,000 families throughout the country on a monthly basis. To allow for the large scale operations of the organization, Latet maintains a sophisticated logistical infrastructure for the food transportation and storage, including, among others, three logistic centers in the north, center, and south of Israel.
If you want to volunteer in Israel hands-on, you will be happy to hear that Latet organizes volunteering activities in the central logistic center. The impressive, high quality, automated space allows for tons of food to be rescued, sorted, packed and distributed across the country every year. Year round, hundreds of groups (tourists, business companies, Latet volunteers and employees) come to the warehouse to sort and package food, thanks to which thousands of food boxes are sealed and ready to be distributed to families and Holocaust survivors in need. Take action by volunteering in Israel at the Latet’s logistic center! Packing boxes is a physical, meaningful, bonding activity that teaches groups about some of the social issues in Israel in an interactive way, while making an impact on Israeli society.  

Volunteering in Israel from abroad

Do you want to volunteer in Israel but don’t live here? No problem, we are always looking for people like you who want to take action and make an impact in Israel, even though you cannot physically volunteer in Israel. Just help us from abroad!
You can take part in our activities by undertaking advocacy work in order to increase awareness about hunger and poverty issues in Israel. You can also take it one step further by creating your own fundraising campaign and starting your own journey into mobilizing your entourage for a great cause! You can also volunteer your talents: if you are a graphic designer, video editor, photographer, content writer and more, join Latet’s marketing efforts to effectively spread the word about the organization’s combat.

Volunteering in Israel: so many options!

These are only some of the ways you can volunteer in Israel with Latet. Join our family of 29,260 volunteers by contacting us here. Make your volunteering in Israel impactful!

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