Social Issues in Israel

Social Entrepreneurship is Growing in Israel

Many social issues in Israel are plaguing the country, and social entrepreneurship Israel may be the answer to one of these issues. According to the OECD, the population of Israel is suffering from some of the highest poverty rates. The standard of living in Israel is extremely high for the region, and the World Bank lists Israel as a “high-income country.” Even so, the social issues in Israel have taken a strong hold on the country and are doing damage to the society.

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The Poorest in Israel

The other social issues in Israel that relate to poverty include homelessness, substance abuse and mental illness. Although poverty is such a widespread issue in Israel, the rates of homelessness are quite low. In 2015, a study found that there were 8.5 million people in Israel, but there were only 2,300 homeless people. People were found to be homeless because they were suffering from an alcohol addiction, substance abuse problem or mental illness.

Social Entrepreneurship in Israel

The social issues in Israel of poverty, substance abuse and mental illness are being addressed with social entrepreneurship Israel, and it seems that social entrepreneurship Israel is growing today. This means that companies are more interested in improving society, and their concerns about their profits are taking a back seat.
One of the organizations that promotes social entrepreneurship Israel is “LATET”. LATET has a program by the name of “LATET Youth” that teaches young people about the importance of giving. It also encourages the youth to become entrepreneurs who will help to create a “moral and just” society.

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Supporting the Israeli Society

Donations play an important role in LATET’s budget, so it is imperative that people give to this organization. A full 93 percent of this institution’s budget comes from donations, and it counts 16,000 people as volunteers.

LATET's Programs

While LATET works to increase social entrepreneurship Israel, it conducts programs that address the needs of people who are experiencing the social issues in Israel listed above. One of those programs is “Nutritional Security” that addresses the nutritional needs of people living in poverty in Israel. The organization serves as a leader that brings several entities together that help ease the burden of nutritional insecurity. The organization’s partners include food manufacturers, grocery retailers and food distributors that keep a lot of the available food from being wasted.

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Social Issues in Israel

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